Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What to expect of Coorg Homestay?

Coorg is one of district in southern India in mountainous Karnataka. It is located at almost 260 kilometers from Bangalore Center. It is 1525 meters above sea level. It is renowned among people from all parts of the world for its rich and delicious food, spell casting sceneries with woodlands, variety of wildlife and enthralling mountains as well as friendly people. Due to its natural beauty, Coorg is named as Scotland of India. Officially, the name of this district is Kodagu. One can reach this place by road using buses that regularly run to the place. The best sight is when lush green forests and hills are dripping wet in heavy monsoon. In this scenario, trees of the forest look like a necklace of bright green color around the hills. If we talk about the economy of the area, it depends on the plantation of coffee, tea, cardamom and pepper. It’s been few years that now income is incurred with the help of Tourism as well. Visitors here find number of hotels, properly adorned cottages on the coffee plantations as well as luxurious and economical Coorg homestay.

Coorg Tourism

Homestay is a new experience for a number of people. Booking a hotel room or reserving a resort is a usual practice but for a pleasant change, people nowadays prefer homestays. Coorg homestay entertains people in two ways i.e. the guest either lives and shares a home with a resident family or gets an independent home on plantations of coffee. When it comes to the standard and facilities of the accommodation, then no doubt homestays at Coorg are gaining popularity with every passing day among the visitors from all parts of the world. Some of these accommodations offer meals and bed but others also ensure that the house remains clean. Yet there are other hosts that ensure other facilities like kitchen, bathrooms, living area and with indoor and outdoor games for the visitors to enjoy the trip at extreme.

Coorg Homestay entertains its guests with real local cooking taste and food items. Meals are vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered to the guest and even there are hosts that allow the visitor to enter their kitchen and watch them cooking food and helping them in preparing the meals. These hosts are the local people and they have complete knowledge about the area thus sometimes they act as your guide and take you to every attractive place that is worth seeing in every sense. Estate homestays offer visit to the coffee and cardamom plantations for the people. Walking among the lush green forests is also an ultimate experience that attracts a number of tourists. Abbey falls and Nagarhole National Park are some of the most worth seeing sites at Coorg. Other activities include fishing and rafting.

In short, Coorg Homestay entertains visitors in every best possible manner. It depends on the person that whether he wants luxurious homesaty or an economical one. Well, both will entertain the visitors according to the choices they have opted for remaining in their financial budget.


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