Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Butterflies (Lepidoptera)
Crimson eye presents butterfly walks across Coorg for nature lovers & photography geeks. Coorg is hub for rare species of butterflies. These include Arnetta mercara Evans also called Coorg Forest hopper, the common blue bottle butterfly, Swallow tail butterfly called Malabar Banded Peacock (Papilio Buddha) &  very rare and endemic species the Spindasis abnormis, the Abnormal silverline butterfly along with wide range of commonly found butterflies like Common Mormon ,Blue Mormon ,Southern Birdwing,Common Jay, Lime Butterfly and so on.

Season: September to November

Frank Hannyngton in 1912 an amateur entomologist in India fascinated by the butterflies from Coorg published papers in a journal called Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society

Dragon & Damselflies
Home for Dragon (Anisoptera) flies you find it everywhere around Coorg some of them are Fulvous Forest Skimmer (Neurothemis fulvia), The Globe Skimmer or Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens), Ground Skimmer, Blue Tailed forest hawk, Green Marsh Hawk, Ditch Jewel & so on

Damselflies (Zygoptera), Coorg has colorful dragon flies much more for the excited photographer. Some of the common found are pygmy Dartlet, Senegal Golden Dartlet, Blue Bush Dart, Stream Ruby, River Heliodor and so on

They are one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth dating back to over 250 million years

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